Welcome to the Story Preservation Initiative Learning Lab!

Story Preservation Initiative’s Learning Lab brings its audio recordings of those of high achievement in the arts, sciences, and humanities together with related project-based lesson plans for use in K-12 classrooms. Teachers use the recordings to bring students into personal contact with the first-person stories of extraordinary people who talk about not only what they have accomplished but also how and why. This direct contact seizes students’ imaginations and propels them into areas of substantive content.

We supplement the recordings with audiovisual materials, photos and graphics, original documents, hyperlinks to related sites, and other resources that lead students deeper into subject areas. We guide teachers in structuring these explorations by supplying open-ended prompts, helping teachers develop their own projects, as well as by making available detailed project-based lesson plans created by experienced educators. Story engages the students; project-based experiences deepen the learning.

There are three ways to Integrate SPI’s Learning Lab into Classrooms

  1. Teachers can easily integrate our primary source recordings into already developed units, either subject-based or theme-based.
  2. After engaging students with story, teachers can hyperlink to fully developed lesson plans created by SPI/LL teacher - colleagues as well as trusted third-party sources such as The Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Center for Eco-literacy, PBS LearningMedia, Facing History and Ourselves, and others.
  3. Using prompts supplied by SPI, we work closely with teachers to help them develop their own projects, many of which are uploaded to the Learning Lab site for use by other teachers. Many schools choose to bring the Learning Lab directly into the classroom. Others choose to make it part of their RTI / Intervention and Extension programs. SPI Learning Lab lesson plans and projects have clear alignment with standards and are designed for meaningful learning.

Story Preservation Initiative / New England College Partnership

Through SPI’s affiliation with New England College, Henniker, NH, we are able to offer graduate credit Storytelling / PB-L courses to teachers at SPI subscriber schools at an over two-thirds off per-credit price of $150 per-credit.

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Or contact us at: info@storypreservation.net

Measuring the Efficacy of the SPI Learning Lab

SPI has developed assessment tools that enable educators to both quantitatively and qualitatively assess the efficacy of SPI/LL materials as they relate to teacher satisfaction and student learning in the areas of:

  • Subject mastery
  • English and digital literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • The affect of collaboration
  • Levels of student engagement and empathy